Genuine Diamonds or other Jewels (Ruby, Sappier etc.) can be embedded on the card to enhance the cards’ luxuriousness

0.02 carat Jewels are embedded with Biosmarts’ Special Technology (certified by Visa and Mastercard)


Real Swarovski Crystals could be embedded on the card. Using various colors, the metal card can be not only a payment device but also an artwork. The multiple crystal can also be embedded depending on client’s request.

Half Permanent LED light bulb can be inserted within the card, and make the card to light up, every-time a Dual Interface function is used.


Metal Membranes are laminated into the PVC card to add elegancy of the card

The color of metal (Gold, Silver) differentiates the card with ordinary PVC cards.
Handmade Metal membranes can produce any extraordinary & complicated designs.


A perfume module can be embedded in both PVC and metal card, which is loved by cards targeting ladies. Circular device (diameter: 1.5cm) attached on the card surface.
When 1 drop of perfume is absorbed on the device it and keep the scent for 20 days, it could carry various scents by applying different types of perfume.


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