Duralumin Card is light, but its durability and strength is just as
strong as other metals.

It also has virtue of effectively being resistant to corrosion, which
makes it perfect to manufacture distinctive and semi-permanent

Through enormous R&D investment and effort, duralumin cards
become the company’s No.1 metal card product.

Thickness : 0.8mm / WT : 10g / EMV Certified


Duralumin is age-hardening aluminum alloy made by adding 3-4
elements (magnesium, copper etc.) When duralumin is exposed
to hot Temperature, it hardens to the point until it reaches same
strength as iron. Because of its lightness and durability, it is
widely used in aircraft construction.


SUS Cards are made of Stainless Steel, which contains
substances such as Iron & Chromium.

It is loved for its modern appearance and sanitary quality.

It is preferred by customer who demands cards with heavier
weight than aluminum.

Thickness : 0.8mm / WT : 20g / EMV Certified


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